InstaBrew® Light Roast Coffee Cubes® brings to your cup a high caffeine light roast coffee, full of acidity and great aroma. The combination of our Colombian Coffee light roasted signature taste with unrefined evaporated Sugar Cane (Panela) makes the perfect cup for a light roast coffee lover.

Ingredients: Ground 100% Colombian Coffee, Panela (Unrefined evaporated Sugar Cane).

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How to prepare

1. Drop: Drop one or two cubes into your cup. Water or Milk can be used.
2. Stir: Stir to let each natural and organic ingredient to come apart.
3. Enjoy: Enjoy the perfect cup of coffee!
At Santo Coffee Cubes we make things simple for you to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee.

Important facts

No grinding beans and no machines, just drop a cube in hot water, stir, and enjoy.
Our coffee cubes are made with 100% Colombian Coffee.
Our coffee is hand picked and made with traditional natural techniques and organic flavors without any additives or preservatives.
Our cubes are sweetened with evaporated unrefined sugar cane (Panela), making it healthier and nutritional.
We support coffee growers and farmers families in Colombia for a better quality of life.
We involve the traditions and wonders of Colombian coffee using new techniques to add simplicity to your coffee experience.

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Box Sizes

12, 24, 48, 108


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