BrewGo Thermos

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  • InstaBrew® BrewGo is the ONLY Thermos in the world that boils water with just batteries! It's the ideal travel companion to enjoy your premium on-demand coffee and tea cubes anywhere.

    Unmatched Convenience

    BrewGo Holds up to 2 cups (16 ounces) of water at any temperature and boils water on the go so that you can enjoy your quality coffee and tea cubes at home, the office, or outdoors.

    Battery Powered

    One charge allows you to boil 16 ounces of room temperature water up to 2 times. Perfect for 4 cups of InstaBrew Coffee or tea for the day!

    Thrilling Accessories

    BrewGo comes with a power cord/charge base and 2 USB ports to charge your devices on the move. It also includes LED lights to indicate how hot your water is!

    Safety Guidelines:

    • Keep batteries out of reach of children.
    • Do not expose battery to fire or excessive heat, short circuit or tamper with / take the battery apart.
    • If exposed to battery acid, rinse affected areas directly with clean water & contact doctor immediately. Avoid contact with skin, eyes & mouth.
    • Fyre is splash resistant but NOT waterproof.


    • Hand wash only, do not place in dishwasher.
    • Liquids can reach very high temperatures - take care not to spill.

    The InstaBrew Difference

    For coffee and tea lovers that don't want to choose between great taste or convenience, our premium cubes eliminate the time-consuming preparation, cleanup, and waiting associated with traditional options.

    Easy Preparation

    Quality Ingredients

    Naturally Sweetened

    Individually Wrapped

    Try Before You Buy

    Don't know where to start? Try our trial kits backed by our Great Taste Guarantee!

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    A Word From Our instaBrewers

    • 4.9 out of 5
    At first, I was skeptical but omg this truly is a must-have. Plus, it’s so simple just heat water to boil and then drop the cube in…mmm and the tea is to die for. The flavor is off the chain as well. This truly is worth your money.
    Melissa Guerrero
    I liked the fact that I can carry these to my school in a bag and make fresh coffee anytime, anywhere. The caramel tasted good and felt like some holiday fall theme taste.
    The cubes dissolve almost immediately in hot water, and each creates a delicious drink. My favorite was the medium roast as I’m used to black coffee, but the vanilla one was fun to mix it up.
    I am a coffee snob so when it comes to instant coffee,I am rarely a fan. Instabrew did not disappoint. It isthe perfect blend of smooth and strong. Both the instant and the cold brew left me with nothing to be desired except a second cup. I am definitely a fan. Because the coffee was so good, I decided to try the tea as well, it was just as good! I am so happy I found this company!
    Ta kel
    I have recently started experimenting with instance coffee. They have come along way but InstaBrew is by far the best option. It does truly taste freshly brewed. I am done searching!
    The insta brew coffee cube has a bold and refreshing taste with no lingering after taste. They are easy to store, use and clean up after. It's a refreshing hot beverage when needed.
    The cubes dissolve almost immediately in hot water, and each creates a delicious drink. My favorite was the medium roast as I'm used to black coffee, but the Vanilla one was fun to mix it up.