1 or 2 cubes in your cup with hot water or hot milk.

Stir your coffee or tea for just a few seconds.

Enjoy your Colombian coffee or you delicious natural tea.

♦  A flavor for every occasion 

 Medium Roast

 Dark Roast

 French Vanilla




Mixed Berries

Passion Fruit


Citrus Blend

Tropical Flavor

Lightweight and compact, the pre-measured cubes of exceptional-quality coffee are ready for your backpack, briefcase or purse, enjoy a great cup of coffee wherever you are… in your kitchen, away from home in a hotel room, or even camping in the woods.

InstaBrew only uses natural raw sugar cane to add a touch of sweetness to your coffee. You have the choice of 12 coffee and tea flavor profiles, including Decaf, Medium Roast, Dark Roast, Espresso, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel for Coffee and Citrus Blend, Tropical, Mixed Berries, Passion Fruit, and Peach for Tea.

The InstaBrew Coffee cubes takes your beverage enjoyment to a whole new level by taking top quality soluble coffee and infusing it with superior natural flavor profiles and natural raw sugar cane that include vitamins and minerals, all compacted into a single cube using eco-friendly packaging.

The only travel thermos in
the world that boilds water
with just batteries