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Coffee & Tea in a Cube

No grinds, lines, or cleanup.

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The InstaBrew Difference

Coffee and tea lovers no longer have to choose between great taste and convenience – get the best of both worlds in a dissolvable, compact cube that fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Naturally Flavored
    InstaBrew comes in a range of decadent flavors made from the finest natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives.
  • Perfectly Sweetened
    Each cube is lightly sweetened with panela, a raw evaporated sugar cane higher in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than refined sugar.
  • Freshly Packed
    Every cube is immediately packaged to maintain superior quality and smooth flavor so you can enjoy the perfect pour anywhere, anytime.
  • Individually Wrapped
    Enjoy quality coffee and tea on-the-go with compact cubes wrapped in eco-friendly packaging that helps reduce plastic emissions and waste.

How to Prepare

Drop 1-2 cubes into a cup of hot water or milk.

Stir your coffee or tea for just a few seconds.

Enjoy your coffee or tea anywhere, anytime.

Get the only travel thermos in the world that boils water with just batteries! InstaBrewGo is the ideal travel companion that lets you enjoy superior on-demand coffee and tea anywhere, anytime.


Keep your office, restaurant, or hotel stocked with the finest on-demand coffee and tea products on the market. Contact our sales team to learn more.

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A Word From Our instaBrewers

  • 4.9 out of 5
At first, I was skeptical but omg this truly is a must-have. Plus, it’s so simple just heat water to boil and then drop the cube in…mmm and the tea is to die for. The flavor is off the chain as well. This truly is worth your money.
Melissa Guerrero
I liked the fact that I can carry these to my school in a bag and make fresh coffee anytime, anywhere. The caramel tasted good and felt like some holiday fall theme taste.
The cubes dissolve almost immediately in hot water, and each creates a delicious drink. My favorite was the medium roast as I’m used to black coffee, but the vanilla one was fun to mix it up.