Product Information

Are InstaBrew Cubes Vegan?

Yes! We are Vegan friendly

Is this instant Coffee?

Yes, this is instant coffee, but it’s not the same instant coffee you or your grandparents had growing up. We use much better ingredients and processes to bring you the best cup of coffee we can.

How is this different/better than other instant coffees?

The processing our coffee goes through from coffee beans to instant coffee results in a much more flavorful cup than most other instant coffees.

First, we use higher quality Arabica beans grown at high altitudes in the Andes Mountains resulting in a more concentrated and complex flavor. Most instant coffee uses the cheapest coffee they can, which is Robusta beans that are grown near sea level and mixed with coffee beans from different countries.

Next, our beans are roasted much more slowly and carefully to ensure different flavors are left intact and so it doesn’t have that burnt taste that instant coffees tend to have. It’s because they roast it much quicker/hotter.

Then a cold process called cold concentration is used where ice crystals form, trapping the aroma/tones. Then it goes through sublimation (during the freeze-drying process), where the extra water is removed, leaving the flavors undamaged. Depending on the temperature and pressure used, the quality of the flavors extracted will vary. We work with specialists who know what the best method is for the premium quality beans we use.

What is Panela?

Panela is whole cane sugar that is very gently processed to retain most of the minerals and nutrients found in sugar cane, unlike white refined sugar.

Are there any artificial ingredients or chemicals?

There are no artificial ingredients in our products. Our cubes are made with single-origin instant coffee from Colombia, raw cane sugar (panela), and organic flavor extract in the flavored cubes and teas. That’s it—nothing else.

Are InstaBrew cubes Nut Free?

Besides Hazelnut, all InstaBrew products are free of nuts. Although they are made on a production line and in a facility that does make nut products.

How do you prepare a cube?

Unwrap the cube and drop it in 7oz of Boiling water.

Stir for 30-45 seconds.

Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and tea.

How many cubes do I need to use per cup?

The recommended serving size for one cube is 7oz. cup, but it may vary depending on your preferences. You can use more or less water to alter the strength of your coffee and tea. *For strength purposes you can also add 2 cubes in one 8oz cup.

Are the cubes individually wrapped?

Yes, all the cubes are individually wrapped in compostable material to keep them fresh and easy to carry.

Do you have unsweetened coffee?

We are currently testing a cube that does not require sugar as a binding agent, but if that doesn’t work out, we plan to release individual packets that contain only our coffee. We know many of you enjoy our coffee but would rather avoid sugar entirely. We hear you, and we will have an option for you soon.

What is the shelf-life?

The cubes have a shelf-life of one year.

Is there creamer/milk in the cubes?

Currently, there is no cube option with creamer or milk powder. We’re looking into adding milk powder, but it would likely need two cubes per cup. For now, it is still a work in progress.

Do you have a decaf option?

Yes! We Offer Decaffeinated Coffee!

Shipping and Order Information

Where are you located?

We’re located in Orlando, FL. You can order directly through our website www.instabrew.com

How access information about my order or shipment?

If you have set up an InstaBrew account, you just need to Log in, and you'll find all of your tracking and order information in your account! You can also reach us here if you need more help.

What are your shipping costs?

Shipping is FREE in the USA for purchases over $45. All orders shipped domestically under $45 vary by buyer location and weight.

Are InstaBrew Cubes available to ship outside of the United States?

At the moment we DO NOT ship internationally.

Nutritional Information

Which Teas are Caffeine Free?

Our caffeine-free herbal teas include Citrus Blend, Peach, and Mixed Berries.

What is the Calorie Content of a cube?

The content of a cube is 30 calories per serving.

Are Your Teas Gluten Free?

Yes, all of our Teas are Gluten-free.

How much Raw Sugar is in each InstaBrew cube?

Medium Roast Coffee 4gr

Caramel Coffee 4gr

French Vanilla Coffee 4gr

Citrus Blend Herbal Tea 7gr

Are InstaBrew cubes safe to drink during pregnancy?

Yes, InstaBrew cubes are perfectly safe to drink during pregnancy. We recommend our caffeine FREE varieties during pregnancy like Citrus Blend Herbal Tea.